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Somnox also has airplane mode. This feature shuts all WiFi and Bluetooth connections down. Read this article to find out how.

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Somnox uses WiFi and Bluetooth to change settings and to perform software updates. You probably don't change the settings a lot, and updates are also not on a daily basis. For this reason, airplane mode is available on your Somnox.

What happens when I enable airplane mode?

When airplane mode is on, all Bluetooth and WiFi connections of Somnox will be shut down. It is not possible to connect your Somnox to the Somnox app, but you can still enjoy your breathing program or exercise together with the standard Somnox sounds. These are remembered by Somnox himself.

All electronic devices emit some sort of radiation, like your smartphone. This is not damaging to your health. Airplane mode makes sure that this radiation is reduced to a minimum, because Bluetooth and WiFi are inactive.

Airplane mode is available on Somnox software version 3.1.0. The iOS app needs to be updated version 3.5 and Android app version 3.1.

How to enable airplane mode?

  1. To enable airplane mode on your Somnox, he has to be connected to the Somnox app. Click on Somnox is connected at the top of the main screen

  2. Click on Airplane mode in the account overview

  3. Click on the slide to enable Airplane mode

  4. Confirm in the pop-up that you want to enable ariplane. Bluetooth and WiFi will be automatically disconnected, you will therefore disconnect from the Somnox app.

  5. Your Somnox is now in airplane mode.

Disable airplane mode

To disable airplane mode, you simply connect your Somnox to the charger. When your Somnox starts charging, airplane mode is disabled. When you disconnect the charger from Somnox, you can once again connect to the Somnox app as usual.

Good to know

When airplane mode is enabled in the app, the battery lights will light up one at the time. After this, the indicator light will shine bright orange. This means that airplane mode is enabled. As long as airplane mode is enabled, Somnox will show the bright orange light when turning on and shutting down, instead of the usual white light.

As airplane mode disables all Bluetooth connections, it is not possible to stream your own audio to Somnox 2. When sounds are on, Somnox will default to your chosen standard Somnox sound.

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