Streaming Audio on Somnox 2

You can stream your own audio from your phone or tablet to the Somnox 2 speaker. This article explains how to do this.

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Music in combination with breathing exercises can help you to relax even more. There are many music genres and everyone has a different taste. Because everyone's preferences are so different, it is now possible to stream your own music to Somnox 2. For example, you can play your favorite Spotify playlist or YouTube meditation on Somnox 2.

To stream your own sounds, you need to connect your device to the Somnox 2 speaker via Bluetooth. After the connection is made, you can select the audio you want to play in a program of your choice, such as YouTube or Spotify.

PLEASE NOTE: To use Bluetooth Streaming, the Somnox App must be updated to version [3.3.1] for iOS and [3.2.0] for Android. Your Somnox 2 must be updated to software version [3.1.0].

Streaming audio with an iOS device

In the video below, you can see how to stream your audio on an iOS device. Follow the steps written down below to start streaming your own music to Somnox 2.

To set your own preferences, go to the home screen of the app. Make sure your Somnox Breathe & Sleep Companion is also on and connected to the app. To learn more about how you can connect Somnox 2 to the app, click here!

  1. On the main screen, click on Sound

  2. On top of your screen, you can now click on Stream

  3. Open the settings on your device and go to Bluetooth

  4. You will see that your phone is now already connected to Somnox 2 Speaker - this is the connection between your phone and Somnox itself for sending the settings. At available devices, Somnox 2 Speaker will appear again - this one is for playing your own music, click on it to connect to it.

  5. You will now see that your device is connected to Somnox 2 Speaker twice

  6. Go back to the app in which you want to play the audio, for example, YouTube or Spotify

  7. Select the sound of your choice and press play

  8. The audio now plays on Somnox 2. You can adjust the volume with the buttons on the control panel of Somnox 2

Good to know

When you click on Stream in the audio menu of the app, you put Somnox 2 in Streaming mode. If you turn Somnox 2 off and on again, it will also start up in Streaming mode. If you want to play regular Somnox audio again, go to the app and click on Somnox in the audio settings

If you have connected your device to stream your music, the speaker will automatically recognize and connect to the Somnox 2 speaker the next time. However, it is important that the Somnox 2 is in Streaming mode.

It is not possible to set a specific playback time for streaming. Streamed music will stop once the breathing program has finished. It is possible to stop playing the audio manually by pressing pause in the app from where your music is streaming or by setting Somnox back to the regular Somnox sounds in the Somnox App.

Adjust Speaker volume

With the volume buttons on the button panel of Somnox 2, you can adjust the volume of the speaker of Somnox 2. Press the plus button to increase the volume and press the minus button to decrease the volume.

What audio can I stream?

In principle, you can stream all audio that you can also listen to on your phone. We give Spotify and YouTube as an example because these are widely used streaming services. Do you enjoy listening to stories or meditations through another mobile app? It is also possible to stream these to your Somnox Breathe & Companion.

How can I recognize that Somnox 2 is in Stream mode?

You can recognize that your Somnox is in Streaming mode in two ways: in the Somnox App or in your device settings if you have connected your device before.

In the app you can go to your audio settings. You see Somnox and Stream. When you have selected Stream, Somnox is in Streaming mode. If you have connected your device before, you will automatically see “You are connected! Streaming is now on”

When you have connected the Somnox 2 Speaker to your device before, you can also see that Streaming mode is on if you see Somnox 2 Speaker connected twice under My devices. You can recognize the actual speaker by the blue i next to it.

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