Somnox 2 can be used for sleeping, meditation, breathing exercises, and napping. The breathing rate and audio can be changed by using the mobile app developed by Somnox. The control panel can be used to change simple settings without a smartphone. In this article, we explain the features of the control panel.

Control panel

Somnox 2 has a control panel with several features. In the figure below, you can see the position of the control panel on Somnox 2. In the figure below, an image of the control panel is given.

The control panel consists of the following parts:

  • Power button

  • Two volume buttons (plus and minus)

  • Status light

  • Battery indicator lights

  • Charging port for the USB-C charger

Turn Somnox 2 on with the power button

The large round button in the centre of the control panel is the power button. By pressing the power button briefly, you can turn on Somnox 2. Once Somnox 2 turns on, the breathing motion directly starts.

If you turn on Somnox 2, the status light will light up white. If this is not the case, the battery of Somnox 2 is empty and you will need to charge Somnox 2.

The power button is developed in such a way that you can find it with your fingers in the dark at night. It is possible that you want to turn on the Somnox 2 again after a breathing programme ends. The maximum duration of a breathing programme is 120 minutes.

Turn Somnox 2 off with the power button

You can turn off Somnox 2 by pressing the large round button in the centre of the control panel. The status light will briefly light up white after which Somnox 2 will turn off.

The Somnox 2 will also automatically turn off after the breathing programme you have chosen in the mobile app has finished. The standard duration of a program is 60 minutes, but you can change this duration in the mobile app. The maximum duration is 120 minutes. Do you want to learn more about breathing programmes? Click on the button below.

Change the audio volume with the volume buttons

If you turn on Somnox 2 for the first time, you will hear a soothing sound. You can play several other soothing sounds on Somnox 2. With the volume buttons, you can lower or higher the volume. Press the plus button to increase the volume and press the minus button to decrease the volume.

The standard sound that you will hear is Dreamy Reflections. With the mobile app, you can select other sounds or turn off the audio. You can read how this works by clicking on the button below.

Status light

The status light on the control panel just above the power button indicates the status of Somnox 2.

  • The status light briefly lights up white: Somnox 2 turns on, or turns off. If you click on the power button to turn on Somnox 2 and the status light does not turn on, you need to charge Somnox 2

  • The status light blinks blue: Somnox 2 is connected to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. This happens when you change settings in the mobile app. These settings are sent to Somnox 2 by Bluetooth

  • The status light is blue and fades in and out: the software of Somnox 2 is undergoing an update

  • The status light is white after a software update: the software update is successful, you will receive a notification in the Somnox App

  • The status light is red after a software update: the software update is not successful, you will receive a notification in the Somnox App to restart the update

  • The status light is green: factory reset is completed

Charge Somnox 2 via the charging port

You can charge Somnox 2 via the charging port on the control panel with the USB-C charger.

Check battery percentage with the battery indication lights

Whenever Somnox 2 is charging, the battery indicator lights indicate the battery percentage. There are three battery indicator lights. In the figure below you can see what the different light signals of the battery indicator lights mean.

If you want to learn more about charging Somnox 2, click on the button below.

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