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What is a Beta feature?

Beta features are an essential part of our product development process. They represent new functionalities or improvements that we test before fully integrating them into the product. Here, we will explain what this means and address some frequently asked questions you may have about beta features.

What can I expect from Beta features?

Within our Somnox App, Beta Features can be identified by the blue label containing the word 'BETA.' Below, you can read about what to expect from Beta Features.


Beta features may not be fully polished or may lack certain functionalities. This is because they are still in development and refinement.

Possible Errors

Because beta features are in a testing phase, you may occasionally encounter an error or unexpected behavior. Your feedback helps us address these issues.

Changes and Updates

We regularly update beta features based on user feedback. This means you may see improvements, changes, or even the removal of a feature during the beta phase.

Why do we have Beta features?

There are several reasons why we have beta features.

Testing and Feedback

Beta features allow us to gather feedback from users like you. This feedback helps us understand how well the functionality works in the real world and what improvements are needed.

Minimizing Risk

By testing new features in a controlled environment, we can identify potential issues or errors before they affect all users.

How can I access Beta features?

Access to beta features varies but is usually available to a select group of users. Currently, there is no way to sign up for Beta Features.

How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is important during the beta phase. If you encounter issues, have suggestions, or want to share your experience, please do so through our customer service. You can use the chat in our app or any of our other contact channels.

When Will Beta Features Become Official?

The timeline for moving a beta feature to the official product can vary. It depends on the feedback received, the complexity of the feature, and the goals of the development team.

If you have questions or encounter issues with beta features, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you at any time.

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