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How to save mp3 files on the SD card of Somnox 1
How to save mp3 files on the SD card of Somnox 1

How do you save mp3 files on your SD card and convert these to 192 kbps?

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If you want to save your own sounds on the SD card, some things can go wrong resulting in a failure of playing your own sounds. That's a pity! Therefore we elaborately explain how you can save mp3 files on the SD card in this article.

What are the requirements for mp3 files?

  • A bitrate of 192 kbps

  • A file name with a maximum of 70 characters, for example, MeditationMusic1

  • The file name may not contain special characters, so do NOT use Meditation%Music%1

Converting mp3 files to a bitrate of 192 kbps

Before you save mp3 files on the SD card of Somnox 1, you need to convert files to another bitrate. Ony mp3 files with a bitrate of 192 kbps can be played on Somnox 1.

How does this work?

To change the bitrate of mp3 files, you need an mp3 converter. Via Google, you can easily find an mp3 converter.

  1. Search via Google "mp3 bitrate converter". The first search result is in most cases a good choice. Select this one.

  2. Copy or select your mp3 files to the mp3 converter.

  3. Select a bitrate of 192 kbps (or 192k).

  4. Select Convert / Enter / Next (a button that starts the bit rate conversion).

  5. Wait a few seconds. If you have selected many mp3 files it can take a while longer.

  6. Your converted mp3 files are now available to download. Keep in mind that the file names of the converted files can be different than your original mp3 files.

  7. After you download the converted mp3 files, you can find them in the 'Downloads' folder on your computer.

  8. Make sure that your file names contain a maximum of 70 characters and do not contain special characters.

Saving mp3 files on the SD card

Important! The mp3 files must be saved in the User folder on the SD card, otherwise, they will not appear in the Somnox App.

  1. Prepare your mp3 files and make sure the files comply with the requirements stated above.

  2. There is a small slot on the control panel of Somnox 1 with an SD card.

  3. Remove the SD card from Somnox 1. This is done by gently pressing the SD card. Then it will pop out on its own.

  4. Insert the SD card into your computer or laptop using an SD card adapter.

  5. In the SD card storage on your computer, go to the folder 'Somnox'.

  6. Then go to the folder 'Music'.

  7. Then you will find the folder 'User' (so Somnox/Music/User).

  8. Copy your own mp3 files to the User folder.

  9. Once this is complete, you can remove the SD card from your computer and put it back into Somnox 1.

  10. Connect Somnox 1 with the Somnox App on your phone. The mp3 files will automatically synchronize with the app.

  11. Your music/sounds are now visible in the Somnox App and ready to be selected.

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