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Somnox Sense: Somnox 2 detects your breathing
Somnox Sense: Somnox 2 detects your breathing

Discover the Somnox Sense feature.

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What is Somnox Sense?

Somnox guides you to a more peaceful breathing pattern in the best possible way. When Somnox Sense is turned on, Somnox will measure your breathing tempo during the program and use this during the guidance. Because of this, the guidance will fit better to your personal situation.

This is how Somnox measures your breathing

Somnox 2 can measure your breathing with high-quality movement sensors. These sensors can measure the expansion of your belly and chest whilst you are breathing. Based on this, Somnox will try to determine your breathing tempo. You can hold Somnox 2 in any orientation or position.

Good to know: Hold Somnox 2 against your body. Do you breathe through your belly? Place Somnox 2 against your belly. Do you breathe through your chest? Place Somnox 2 a bit higher against your chest. In this way, Somnox 2 detects your breathing rate more accurately.

Turn on Somnox Sense

For Somnox Sense, you need the Somnox app.

  1. Open the Somnox App.

  2. Connect the app with your Somnox.

  3. Go to the 'Somnox' tab.

  4. Click on Breath on the home screen.

  5. Click on the breathing program for which you want to turn on Somnox Sense.

  6. A screen appears on which you can adjust the breathing settings. Swipe the switch next to Somnox Sense to the right.

  7. Click on Save on Somnox. Somnox 2 will now automatically measure your breathing rate.

Frequently asked questions

Will Somnox copy my breathing tempo one to one?

Somnox measures your breathing tempo and uses this to determine the best possible guidance to relaxation. Even though Somnox can measure your breathing tempo, it will not copy it one to one. The breathing tempo of most humans can differ from breath to breath. If Somnox were to copy your breathing tempo, it would result in an unrelaxing experience.

Why should I set a start breathing rate?

The start breathing rate will be used as the initial breathing rate of Somnox 2. Somnox will guide you from your start tempo to your set end tempo. When Somnox Sense is turned on, Somnox will make small adjustments based on your own breathing tempo during the guidance.

Why should I set an end breathing rate?

The end breathing rate is the slow breathing rate that Somnox 2 will guide you toward. Based upon the detected breathing rate, Somnox 2 will guide you toward the end breathing rate that you selected in the app.

Does the ratio between the inhale and exhale change if Somnox Sense is turned on?

No, the ratio stays constant based on the setting you selected in the app.

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