Cleaning Somnox 2

In this article, we describe how you can keep Somnox 2 clean. Always follow the guidelines in this manual to enjoy Somnox 2 to its fullest extent. In case of uncertainties or questions please contact us via the contact details at the end of this article.

⚠️ A few important notes beforehand:

  • The Somnox 2 Breathe & Sleep Robot is an electronic product, so it should be handled and maintained with care.

  • Never expose Somnox 2 to a humid or wet environment.

  • Never place it in a washing machine, as this will cause malfunction of Somnox 2 or injury to yourself.

Cleaning Instructions

Washable sleeve

⚠️ Important: Please close the zipper before washing and never wash the sleeve with Somnox 2 still inside it.

This soft fabric sleeve is the outer washable sleeve of Somnox 2. This is the sleeve you touch in your daily use of Somnox 2. To detach the washable sleeve from Somnox 2, first zip open the zipper from the bottom. Hereafter you can pull the sleeve from the top to the bottom. Please note that the sleeve is still around the control panel.

The washable sleeve can be machine washed at 30ºC or 86ºF (●●), but cannot be. put in the dryer. We advise to wash the sleeve inside out with the zipper closed. Always read and follow the instructions on the washing label inside the washable sleeve.

After washing and air-drying the washable sleeve, it can be put back on Somnox 2. It's easiest to put the fabric around the control panel first. Then pull the sleeve around the top of Somnox 2. Last, wrap the sleeve around the bottom and close the zipper. Somnox 2 is now ready for use.

Control panel

If there is any dirt or moisture on the control panel you can wipe it off with a dry cloth. ⚠️ Do not use a damp or wet cloth to clean the control panel. Also, do not use chemical cleaning products. Do not put any other object (e.g. a screwdriver or pencil) in the USB-C charger port beside the provided charger.

Drying Somnox 2

Try to keep Somnox 2 dry. Whenever Somnox 2 gets wet, gently try to pat it dry with a dry cloth. Let Somnox 2 air-dry.

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