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What do the light indicators mean on the control panel of Somnox 2?

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The control panel of Somnox 2 contains several lights. In this article, we explain the meaning of these lights.

In the figure below, you can see the control panel of Somnox 2. The control panel contains two different lights:

  • Status light

  • Battery indicator lights

Status light

The status light on the control panel just above the power button indicates the status of the Somnox 2:

  • The status light briefly lights up white: Somnox 2 turns on or turns off. If you click on the power button to turn on Somnox 2 and the status light does not turn on, you need to charge Somnox 2.

  • The status light blinks blue: Somnox 2 is connected to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. This happens when you change settings in the mobile app. These settings are sent to Somnox 2 by Bluetooth.

  • The status light is blue and fades in and out: The software of Somnox 2 is updating.

  • The status light is red after a software update: The software update is not successful, and you will receive a notification in the Somnox app to restart the update.

  • The status light is green: Factory reset is completed, or software update is successful.

Check battery percentage

Via the charging port, you can charge Somnox 2. Whenever Somnox 2 is charging, the battery indicator lights indicate the battery percentage. There are three battery indicator lights. In the figure below, you can see what the different light signals of the battery indicator lights mean.

⚠️ The battery indicator lights may not provide the correct battery percentage. The battery needs time to calibrate the battery indicator lights. Unfortunately, this means that in some cases even when the battery is fully charged, the 3rd battery indicator light keeps blinking. We are working on a firmware solution for this problem. You can try to shortly unplug the charger, and replug the charger to solve it yourself.

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