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Using Somnox During Daytime

This article explores the functions of Somnox for daytime use.

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Somnox helps you to relax by the means of controlled breathing. In a relaxed state of mind, it will be easier to fall asleep at night.

Throughout the day, there might be many stressful moments in which you could also use Somnox. Being more relaxed during the day will help you rest more easily at night.

Plan some me-time during the day

Is your day filled with stressful or active stimuli? Plan some time for yourself during the day even if it is only 5 minutes. Hold on to Somnox and feel the calm rhythm of the calm breathing pace. You will notice that the tension that has built up slowly leaves your body.


Meditation is a technique that will relax your mind and body. During meditation, you observe your own thoughts instead of acting upon them.

Somnox is a great method to help you with calm breathing while meditating. You can play your own meditations and hold on to Somnox.

You can do this at all hours of the day: in the morning just after waking up, in the afternoon during lunchtime, or in the evening to leave the tension of the day behind.


With a nap, you can replenish the energy in your body when you have had a bad night's sleep or when you have a really busy day. Do not nap too long as this can influence the quality of your sleep the following night. The recommended time for a nap is about 20 to 30 minutes.

You can use Somnox for napping. It doesn't matter which settings you use, but calm, slow breathing will give you a relaxed feeling.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises have a relaxing effect on the autonomous nervous system, which is the part of your body that regulates stress and rest. By doing a breathing exercise, you consciously inhale and exhale and focus completely on your breathing.

In the Somnox app, you can select and install breathing exercises on Somnox 2. By following the breathing pattern of Somnox, you will slowly feel more relaxed and come back into your own body. You can read how to install a breathing exercise on Somnox here: Set breathing exercises.

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