The best way to sleep with Somnox 2 is the way that feels best for you. There is no specific way or position that suits everybody. The most important thing is that you can feel the breathing of Somnox 2 by placing your hand or forearm on the breathing part, also called its 'belly'.

We encourage you to experiment with sleeping in different positions to find out which position suits you best. The shape of Somnox 2 is designed in such a way that it is easy to be embraced. When you hold Somnox 2 close to your body you will be able to feel the breathing with your hand or forearm. The position you choose should be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Somnox Sense

Somnox Sense is a feature of Somnox 2 which automatically detects your breathing rate. Somnox 2 takes over your breathing rate and slowly decreases your breathing.

For this feature, it is important that you hold Somnox 2 against your belly or your chest. Otherwise, the sensors of Somnox 2 cannot detect your breathing rate.

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