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Somnox 1 does not work without the charger (hibernation mode)
Somnox 1 does not work without the charger (hibernation mode)

This article explains how you can fix the sleep mode problem

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Does your Somnox 1 not turn on, even though you fully charged your Breathe & Sleep Robot (all four battery indicator lights are turned on)? Your Somnox 1 might be in hibernation mode. You can fix this problem yourself. Please contact our customer support if you are having trouble following the below instructions.

Solving Hibernation Mode

IMPORTANT! The video says you should charge Somnox 1 for 17 hours, but we now recommend charging it for 72 hours.

Follow the instructions below to fix the hibernation mode problem:

  1. Plug the charger into a wall socket and charge Somnox 1. Make sure the battery lights light up once. You might need to press the battery button to light up these lights.

  2. Keep it charging for 72 hours, without interruption. If the charging process is interrupted, the 72 hours start again.

  3. Plug out the charger: the robot will shut off immediately.

  4. Plug in the charger again: the robot starts charging again. Please note that only one of the battery lights will light up or blink!

  5. Keep it charging for 2 hours. You’re ready to use your Sleep Robot as before. The problem is fixed. If you still experience problems, please contact our customer support.

  6. Good night!

Preventing Hibernation

Hibernation will activate only in long storage periods. To prevent the Sleep Robot from entering Hibernation modus, we recommend charging the Sleep Robot once in a while. If you store the Sleep Robot for a longer period of time without using it, please fully charge it every 2 months. This will ensure a longer lifetime of the Sleep Robots battery.

Need help?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

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