In this article we cover the following things:

  1. What's in the box?

  2. What are the most important things to know about the Sleep Robot?

  3. How does a Sleep Robot work?

  4. Step-by-step plan to get started quickly with the Sleep Robot

We've summarized everything in the video below:

What's in the box?

  • Sleep Robot

  • 16GB SD-card (this is already inserted in the robot)

  • Washable sleeve

  • Charger

  • Storage box

  • Quick manual

What are the most important things you should know about the Sleep Robot?

  • What do the buttons on the Sleep Robot mean? How do I use the Sleep Robot

  • How do I connect the Sleep Robot to my phone?

  • How do I adjust the breathing settings?

  • What do the four LED lights mean? What is the battery indicator?

  • How long does the Sleep Robot need to be charged?

⚠️ Important: Turn Bluetooth and Location services ON in your device settings to connect to the Sleep Robot.

How does the Sleep Robot work?

When you have worrying thoughts or tend to stress easily over things, you can lose control of your breathing. This shallow breathing at a high rate negatively influences your stress levels. In contrast, slow and deep breathing can positively influence the relaxation of body and mind, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

The Somnox Sleep Robot guides you towards slow breathing. By feeling the Sleep Robot's breathing movements you will (unconsciously) adapt your own breathing rate to the decreasing breathing rate of the robot. Slowing down your breathing rate will help you relax more easily.

In addition, the Sleep Robot can be an external point of focus for your thoughts. Your mind will shift away from the things that keep you awake at night. The Sleep Robot can play soothing music, nature sounds, or soft white noise. These sounds can enhance the calming effect of the Sleep Robot.

Improving sleep is a continuous journey. Give yourself enough time to practice breathing with the Sleep Robot. It takes about two weeks to become familiar and feel comfortable with your new sleep companion.

Using your Sleep Robot, step-by-step

1. Charge your Sleep Robot

Fully charge the battery of your Sleep Robot before using it for the first time. When it is completely charged, the light on the Sleep Robot turns green.

A fully charged Sleep Robot will work for several days, depending on the usage. However, we recommend charging the Sleep Robot daily so you will be able to use it whenever you like.

2. Turn the Sleep Robot on and experience its breathing

Once charged, turn the Sleep Robot on by pressing the on/off button on the control panel.

The orange light follows the breathing movement of the Sleep Robot. It automatically fades out after 5 breaths.

Hold the Sleep Robot close to your body and feel the breathing movement with your hands.

The Sleep Robot automatically turns off after the set duration of the programme. You can change the duration (from 5-90 min) via the mobile application.

3. Try it during the day and relax

Did you know that you can also use the Sleep Robot during the day? Take your Sleep Robot, have a seat and relax. Even before going to bed, the Sleep Robot can have a relaxing effect.

4. Sleep with your Sleep Robot

You can experiment with finding a comfortable way to hold the Sleep Robot. Don't worry, the Sleep Robot can measure the slightest movements. The Sleep Robot can measure your breathing rate and automatically adjust to it. In step 6 of this Quick Start Guide you will find more information about setting your personal preferences in the mobile app.

5. How to control the robot

Check battery level

Press the 'battery button' to see whether the Sleep Robot is still sufficiently charged. The four lights give an indication of the battery level.

Turning off the Sleep Robot

By pressing the on/off button shortly, you can turn the Sleep Robot off.

Pausing the program

Press and hold the on/off button for one second to pause the robot. Press the button again to resume the program.

Controlling the audio

Briefly press the plus or minus button to change the volume. When you press the plus or minus button for one second, the previous (-) or next (+) track from your playlist will be played.

6. Set your preferences with the mobile app

Install the mobile app to easily customise the settings of your Sleep Robot to your preferences. In the app you can change your breathing programme or choose soothing sounds and music. You can also download the latest software via the app to keep your Sleep Robot up to date.

The mobile app guide

How to update my Sleep Robot?

In need of more advice?

You can find detailed instructions and answers to our most frequently asked questions on our support page. Other questions or in need of sleep guidance? Feel free to contact us directly via the chat in our app or give us a call. We are happy to help you out.

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