How to use the buttons of Somnox 1?

Explanation of Somnox 1 button panel

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Turn on and off

  • To turn on Somnox 1: shortly press the button in the middle of the control panel.

  • To turn off Somnox 1: Briefly press the middle button again.

Change volume

  • To change the volume of music or soothing sounds: short press the - button (volume down) or + button (volume up).

  • The Somnox 1 has 9 volume levels. You don't have to press the + button more than 9 times to turn it up to maximum volume.

Check battery level

  • To check the battery level: Press the battery button (next to the four battery indicator lights).

Important! When you turn on Somnox 1, a large orange or green light turns on. This light turns off automatically after five 'breaths'.

Don't forget to set up your Somnox 1 in the Somnox App during the day so you don't have to use your phone in the evening. While using Somnox 1, no Bluetooth connection is needed.

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