The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better, allowing you to feel truly rested and energized throughout the day. This is all thanks to a smart piece of technology we developed: a natural breathing simulation.

Relaxed breathing

The Somnox Sleep Robot breathes with you. By holding the Sleep Robot you feel its breathing rhythm, and you will slowly and subconsciously adapt your own breathing to it. By slowing down your breathing, you will start to feel more relaxed. The Sleep Robot can also monitor your own breathing rhythm and adapt to this.

Relaxing sounds

Relaxing sounds

The Sleep Robot can play calming music, nature sounds or white noise. The sounds help you relax and reinforce the effect of the Sleep Robot, helping you fall asleep faster.


Personalized experience

You can control the settings of your Sleep Robot through our mobile app. Using your smartphone, you can adjust the breathing rhythm, change the music and sounds and more. You can also use your phone to update the Sleep Robot’s software, improving its functionalities - and therefore your sleep.

Step by step to better sleep

We will explain all the functionalities and settings one by one. You will learn to use the Sleep Robot in the best way possible, for a great night’s sleep.

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