You’ve tried every trick in the book, but still can’t fall asleep. Trust us, we know your struggle. We used this frustration and turned it into the inspiration for the Sleep Robot. Your robot will help you improve your sleep in a natural way. A lot of our users call it their sleeping buddy, and we want you to have the best experience possible.

Our Sleep Robot is comfortable to hold, easy to use (even in the dark!) and helps you relax through controlling your breathing.

We will first guide you through the Breathing options. We’ve developed this functionality in a way that is easy to use, but still highly customizable - helping you find your perfect sleeping settings.

Choose your breathing programme

First of all, you can pick a breathing programme that fits your needs.

Select breathing programme


At night, you go for the ‘Sleeping’ programme. This programme works with a breathing ratio of 2 to 1. This means that every exhalation is twice as long as the inhalation. This is the perfect breathing rhythm to fall asleep with.


If you want to take a quick 25 minute nap during the day, the ‘Napping’ programme is the way to go.

This programme helps you recharge without entering a deep sleep. This is perfect to increase your energy levels and focus. The breathing ratio of this programme is 1 to 1,5. This means that every exhalation is 1,5 times as long as the inhalation. Perfect for an energizing nap.


If you’re relaxing on the couch, watching a movie or reading a book and need some extra help winding down, the ‘Relaxing’ programme will be your best friend.

Through controlled breathing you will be more calm and feel more relaxed. The extra long exhalation helps you calm your mind and body. This programme has a breathing ratio of 1 to 2,5. This means that every exhalation is 2,5 times as long as the inhalation. This programme will help you relax instantly.

You can use the Sleep Robot at different moments throughout the day. We encourage you to experiment with this and find out how the Sleep Robot works best for you. Here are some use tips and recommendations:

  • Use it to relax, calm down or get sleepy before bed

  • Use it while falling asleep

  • Use it when you wake up at night and want to fall back asleep

  • Use it in the morning to wake up in a relaxed way

  • Use it during the day to relax

After picking a breathing programme, you can set the breathing duration for the Sleep Robot, controlling for how long the Sleep Robot will stay on. After the set time the Sleep Robot will shut off automatically.

Tip: woke up in the middle of the night? With the button in the middle of the Sleep Robot you will restart your favorite programme in one click.

Next step

✅ Pick your breathing programme

Choose one of the breathing programmes and try them out in the couch before taking the Sleep Robot to bed. You can experiment with all three of them to find how they work on you.


This is your starting point towards improved sleeping, all by using something you already know how to: breathe.

Next time, we will take a closer look at how to customize the Sleep Robot’s breathing rhythm to your own preferences.

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