To make sure the Sleep Robot can help you fall asleep to energize your day, make sure the Sleep Robot has enough energy itself.

Check battery level

We recommend you to check the battery level every morning after usage and charge the robot if necessary. In this way, you make sure it has enough power to make it through the upcoming night. Check the battery level by pressing the battery icon button. The battery indicators will indicate how much energy is left, see below:

Charging the robot

Charge the Sleep Robot by inserting the charger plug into the charger Slot and connecting the charger to a power source. Once charged, you can unplug the charger from the power source and from the Sleep Robot.

How long should I charge the robot?

How long your robot needs to charge depends on the battery level. The sleep robot needs about 4 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%. When the battery is fully charged, it lasts about two to three nights depending on the program you choose and on the duration settings. You can charge the robot always no matter what the battery level is.

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