We explained the basics of choosing a breathing programme for the right moment and situation. Now we take it a step further: let’s explore how to personalize the breathing rhythm to your specific needs!

Change the breathing range

Choose ‘breathing’ on the bottom left side to go to the breathing settings.

The speed of breathing will adapt based on your personal data and preferences.

If the standard breathing rhythm and type doesn’t work for you, you can easily change this.

With the breathing preview, you can find the breathing rhythm and speed that fits your needs.

Automatically adapt breathing

With the Adaptive Breathing* function, the Sleep Robot will adapt itself to your breathing pattern. As soon as it picks this up and breathes with you, you’ll notice it will help you find a more calm breathing speed and ratio.

This function is available in the latest Sleep Robot update, which is free for all users. Click here to find out how to update your Sleep Robot.

*Important: this functionality requires you to hold the Sleep Robot close to you to work properly. The Adaptive Breathing works through sensing your movements. If you sleep in a position in which the Sleep Robot can’t detect your movements, we advise you not to use this functionality.

The next step

✅ Set your breathing range

Choose your breathing range or turn on 'automatically adapt breathing'. Try it out for a few nights to find out what works best for you. Some people prefer setting the breathing themselves, while others sleep best with 'automatically adapt breathing'. Experimenting is the key to finding the settings that really help you improve your sleep.

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