4. Functions of Somnox 1

How does Somnox 1 calm you down and help you fall asleep?

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The Somnox 1 Breathe & Sleep Robot helps you fall asleep faster, easier and calmer so that you feel fully rested again. Somnox has developed a unique technique that helps you fall asleep: a natural simulation of breathing movements.

Relaxed breathing

Somnox 1 breathes with you. By holding Somnox 1 you feel the breathing rhythm, and you (unconsciously) adapt to it. Your breathing slows down and calms you down.

Soothing sounds

Somnox 1 can play soothing music, nature sounds, or noise sounds. These sounds have a relaxing effect and can therefore enhance the calming effect of Somnox 1. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep.


With the mobile app, you can easily adjust the settings of Somnox 1 to your personal preferences. In the app, you can change the breathing settings or choose soothing music and sounds.

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